We like to think of ourselves as DIY musicians.

Big record labels, music execs, people telling us what to write and how to dress … Yeah, we’re not really into any of that. We prefer to keep our music raw, from the heart, and totally “us.”


We’re John and Lindsey.

We started Skeye in 2007 with the goal of just making music we loved. We were also really interested in experimenting with sounds and recording locations. We’d often pack up recording gear and travel to different locations to see what would happen (one of our favorites was a four-story stairwell for the incredible natural reverb). The result was often a unique sound and a new emotion for whatever song we were recording that day. 


We called these recordings “Room Experiments.”

We also performed everything live on video; this way, we could keep a personal, honest feeling about our music. We liked the “what you see is exactly what you hear” aspect of it. No fake reverb or autotune, just a live performance in a unique space. It helped us connect with our fans, too. We wanted them to feel like they were there in the room with us. We put up our recordings and videos on YouTube, and it took off from there.


Throughout the years, we’ve spent a lot of time in our studio growing our discography.

Our collection currently consists of: Bleuphoria 2010, Acoustic Sessions 2011, YouTube Sessions 2013, Sea & The Stars 2014, and Stories of the American Frontier 2016. You can find our music right here on our website as well as on, iTunes, and all major MP3 providers. 


Our YouTube Channel

Our video collection grows all the time. We'd love for you to visit our YouTube channel and say hello!